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Boyo Vision

Boyo Vision Vthudpro Head-up Display For Cars Trucks And Vans

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$235.00 USD
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• 15 in. virtual image size with clear vibrant heads-up display
• Displays actual vehicle speed and RPM display if connected to OBD-II port
• Allows user to keep eyes up on the road rather than having to glance away
• Uses microphone built into the front of the HUD unit and the FM car radio as speaker for making and receiving Bluetooth(R) hands-free calls
• iOS(TM) CarPlay and Android(TM) Auto (Plug and Play) compatible
• Uses phone apps to get directions navigate listen to music and audio books
• Allows use other apps developed for Apple CarPlay(TM) and Android(TM) Auto with voice command and steering wheel remote control
• CPU: ARM 32 bit RISC CPU with 700 MHz
• Projected distance: 6.5 ft.
• Screen type: Optics
• Connects to vehicle via OBD-II connector or cigarette lighter adapter
• Includes remote OBD-II cable 12-volt power cable cable clips and user manual;

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